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Hi, I’m Rhiannon Colarossi.

I believe that women are the natural nurturers of the younger generation. When women take care of themselves all those around them flourish.

I believe that children are nurtured best when mothers make conscious choices to nurture their own wellbeing.

I believe that when you – beautiful mum – nurture your wellbeing, you create a loving ripple effect which positively affects your child.

During pregnancy and in those early, life-altering weeks, months and years, you naturally seek information about how to best care for your precious baby.

You may feel bombarded with information and overwhelmed with looking after someone so utterly dependent on you. And by the way – if you are wondering how to be the best mother you can be, you already are. You love and you care.

Now that you are a mum, HOW are you caring for and loving yourself?

Are you attending to all dimensions of your wellbeing?

These questions are why I created The Wellbeing Web. Welcome.

And I don’t mean: at what point are you able to leave your children and book into a luxury spa for an entire week. I really mean:

What actions and practices do you incorporate into your daily routine that nourish you?

For me, one of my daily non-negotiable activities is a 3 minute meditation shower. To learn more about this wellbeing tool click here.

Because I feel sad when mothers neglect themselves in the misplaced belief they can only nurture themselves OR their children. This simply isn’t true.

I believe the only sane choice you have is to practice mindfulness, self-care and gratitude. Being gentle and loving to yourself only helps you to grow gentle and loving human beings. That I know for sure.

I didn’t always think this way.

When I was a primary teacher I notice a direct link between the learning outcomes and behaviours of my students and the wellbeing and health of their mothers.

I was frustrated. I could see that the children who were unsettled, anxious, unfocussed and often tuned out during class time had mothers who didn’t consciously practice presence, going slow, patience, happiness and gratitude in their daily lives.

At the time, I judged.

Today, I know better.

Since becoming a mum I have seen the other side. I understand the challenges, the emotions, the laundry, the expectations.  And boy, do I understand the sleep deprivation!

I don’t have all the answers. But I do have empathy and compassion for myself and all mothers.

My passion for wellbeing grew out of my passion for teaching young children. This connection between the wellbeing of mothers and the wellbeing of children expresses who I am and what I stand for.

The Wellbeing Web is the culmination of all the lessons I have learned on my own journey from judgement to forgiveness, gratitude and presence.

It is the manifestation of my deep desire to share my passion for teaching and wellbeing in a way that truly serves women.

This is a consciously positive, life-affirming space created just for you.

Of course I don’t deny how challenging, messy and chaotic life with kids can be. But by making the daily decision to be a mindful mum and choosing to incorporate some of the self-nurturing actions you find here; you will improve the quality of your interactions and transform your relationships.

It’s not a place for negativity, comparison or competition, because that mindset only perpetuates mother guilt.

I believe that you, like me, are on your own heart-centred journey. And it is my sincere hope that The Wellbeing Web offers practical suggestions to help you cultivate your own sense of wellbeing. 

Because you are amazing. You are adorable. You are an authentic mother.

Even in the moments you feel that you are not.

Every moment that you choose to be mindful - you are choosing love over fear, presence over haste. Every moment you are fully attentive to the little souls in your care – these moments make a big difference to your life and theirs.

Today I am in a place where I truly love my life.

I am mum to my gorgeous munchkins: Jonathan, 4 and Madeleine, 1, and wife to their fun-loving dad and my best friend Nick. I love my life. I appreciate everything and everyone in it.  Today I am a kinder person to everyone I encounter, including myself.

I am not perfect. I don’t try to be. That’s not the goal. Learning to foster wellbeing everyday is.

I sincerely hope you find practical, inspiring tips and strategies that help you see yourself as the amazing, adorable and authentic mum I know you truly are.


Lots of love,

Rhiannon xo


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Love Rhiannon xo





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“When women nurture their own wellbeing, they create a beautiful ripple effect...positively affecting everyone else in their life.”
(Rhiannon Colarossi)


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