Five Ways To Live Your Best And Most Authentic Life

These are five essential wellbeing actions to ensure that we as mums get the most out of life. Making little wellbeing tweaks each day add up and make a real difference to how we feel as we live our life. These are truly valuable wellbeing actions that we can embrace, if we choose to!
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Sharing the gift of forgiveness with yourself and others is a huge factor in living your best life – everyday! It is about wiping the slate clean and having a fresh start. Non-forgiveness is keeps you stuck and drains you from embracing your power, beauty and authenticity.

Forgiveness is a that when embraced has the potential to totally transform your life...for the better. By choosing to forgive freely, you instantly begin to feel lighter and more at peace with life. Non-forgiveness is draining and by inviting forgiveness into your life, you make the space for positive energy to permeate your world. The more willing you are to release built up resentment, the lighter and more peaceful you feel.

In order to forgive, you only need to be willing as this choice creates a beautiful ripple effect. Watch in awe at how people and things show up in order to support your journey into the world of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a precious action which empowers you to live your best life. The energy shift that takes place within you once you embrace forgiveness is so powerful that it will leave an imprint on your heart forever...this shift will be felt by all those in your life – they will be truly grateful.



Awareness and reflection are essential ingredients required to live your best, most authentic life. This entails taking a good look at your life and enabling you to assess how you are really going!

Many of us yearn to be happy. One way to ensure we are content with our life is to take charge of it. By this, I do not mean become a control freak but rather integrate small positive actions into each day, which ultimately sets the tone for our life.

Every day, through the choices we make, we steer our life in one direction or another – towards living in alignment with our best life or in the opposite direction. By pausing to focus on how things are going, you have the opportunity to decide, in a thoughtful manner, whether you are happy with how your life is travelling. Is it in flowing in alignment with your core values?

To provide a fresh perspective on your wellbeing, it is important to explore all five dimensions - Physical, Social, Spiritual, Mental and Emotional. In order to take true positive action, it is necessary to take some time to zoom in on your life. The clarity you receive by spending quality time delving a little deeper is immeasurable.

Awareness is the perfect starting point. It invites you to affirm all the good in your life and provides a fresh perspective for you to notice if there is anything needing change.




Your mental wellbeing should always be high on your priority list! It is the guiding force which dictates the quality of the remaining four dimensions of wellbeing. You may not be able to choose which thoughts enter your mind however you do have the power to decide which ones you will dwell on and which ones you will let go. So that you maintain good mental wellbeing, each day, become conscious of your thoughts...notice which ones do you tend to dwell on – are they negative and positive?

“On any one day, we may have between 12,000-60-000 thoughts with approximately 98% of them are exactly the same as the day before.”(Jennifer Read Hawthorne) However, what is most alarming is that “approximately 80% of them are negative.” (Jennifer Read Hawthorne)

Thoughts = Perceptions = Emotions = Opinions = Behaviours & Actions

Once you recognise which thoughts are detracting from your mental wellbeing, you are perfectly positioned to reverse the negative thought patterns. For example; Negative thought; I am always so busy, I never have any time to myself. Positive version; I choose to do less each day so that I can take a few minutes to incorporate something I enjoy.

A simple way to boost your wellbeing is to schedule less into your day. When you do this you bring a quality attention and a positive presence to all that you are doing. By slowing down your day, you slow down your thoughts. This is one way to prevent toxic thoughts entrenching themselves in your mind.

Beauty emanates from within and it begins in your mind. When you guard your thoughts with love and choose to dwell on positive ones, your energy shifts and your wellbeing rises to new heights!



By reducing or removing as much unnecessary clutter from your life, you make room for nourishing things and positive people to enter. Every single day, we have the power to act in ways which nurture our wellbeing, bringing us closer to living our best most authentic life or in ways which do not. All the little actions we take affect and contribute to our overall wellbeing. Inviting consciousness into our behaviour is one way to ensure we boost our wellbeing.

Sometimes this entails being brave such as saying no to something you would ordinarily say yes to – whether it be a favour, an invitation, taking on extra work. Unfortunately, in order to live your best life you must be able to say a positive no to anything that does not resonate with you. This means saying no without any drama attached to it. It is about embracing a martyr free mentality.

By reducing the clutter from your life, you have more energy to spend on the people who really matter to you...your nearest and dearest.

Once you embrace a positive action mindset, what you often find, is that life tends to flow more easily. Less clutter tends to accumulate in your life. You are then free to enjoy more fully, the things you love and the things which bring you joy.



Have the courage to LOVE. Share it, live it, be it! It is the greatest power on Earth and our world desperately needs more of it. If every person were to add a little bit more love into their life...the beautiful ripple effect created by this global energy shift, would be mind blowing!

It begins with you today. You deserve love...and you begin to live from this place, by being a little kinder to yourself - everyday! Give yourself a break - everyday! Think of a loving thought now. just had a positive, energy thought - each thought makes a difference!

By living and communicating from a loving mindset, you begin to change the world, one person at a time, one thought at a time. This may not seem like such a big deal, however, if every single person in the world did this...can you imagine the difference it would make to our world?

There would be no time or space for competitiveness, criticising or cruelty towards another. There would only be amazing, adorable, authentic women gracing the world with their presence... with the men and children following our lead! We all would respect one another, celebrate one another and support one another.

Yes, I like to dream big but I do believe it is possible – love has the power to change everything for the better. So love, love, love to your heart’s content and begin living your best, most authentic life!


By Rhiannon Colarossi xo




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