20 Simple Self-Care Strategies to Elevate Self-Kindness During This Challenging Time at Home

During this challenging time, self-kindness can be your saving grace. When you prioritise being kind to yourself, you’ll feel a whole lot better than you thought possible during such uncertain circumstances. Implementing one or two of these self-care strategies positively impacts all those in your home and this really matters right now.
Home Self Care

The 20 simple self-care strategies below will help elevate your self-kindness game today!


1. Has there ever been a period of time in the past that really tested you, but you came out stronger and better for it? Recall this period and remind yourself that you did it once and that you can do it again.

2. Notice when you’re feeling worried and acknowledge your thoughts without judgement. Breathe deeply and remind yourself that you’re not your thoughts – you’re the observer of your thoughts. Becoming the observer allows you to choose a non-reactive or positive response to your worry thoughts. It takes the power away from the thought. You can then choose to focus your thoughts in the now.

3. Draw a picture or find a photograph of a place that makes you feel happy and safe. Pop it beside your bed. Visualise yourself there as you wake each morning and before you go to sleep each night.

4. Write yourself a letter explaining how strong, kind, resilient, calm and positive you are, especially when times are tough. Post this letter to yourself and when you receive it, be sure to read it out aloud every day.



5. Keep hydrated. Drink eight glasses of water every day. This might sound simple but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t prioritise hydration. This is a key wellbeing tool.

6. Enjoy a relaxing bath while listening to some relaxing music. You might choose to light a candle or burn some incense to make this time extra relaxing and special.

7. Walk around the perimeter of your house three times (either inside or outside). I remember doing this as a child and loving it. In fact, this may be a fun activity to do with your family too. 

8. Schedule in one or two treat days each week. When you schedule in a couple of treat days, you have something to look forward to and you’re less likely to indulge in snacks, sweets and drinks that aren’t nurturing to your health.



9. Ease into the discomfort of mess. Spending more time at home (especially with the whole family) means there’s probably going to be a lot more mess than you’re used to. This can feel frustrating and you may feel like all you’re doing is cleaning, tidying (and organising snacks/food) for everyone in the home. If you notice yourself feeling uneasy about the mess, sit with this discomfort, even for a minute (by acknowledging, sitting and breathing) before reacting. Your response will come from a calm place rather than one of frustration. You can help your emotional wellbeing soar just by doing something as simple as this. This is true wellbeing success!

10. Decide on three feelings that you’d like to predominantly feel over the coming month. Write these words on post-it notes and stick them in places you’ll see them often. Schedule a reminder on your phone with these words. These three words will remind you of how you want to feel during this time. This will help you show up as your best self and will help keep your emotional wellbeing on track.

11. Consciously consume social media and news about what is happening in our world at the moment. Remember, it’s you who decides how much time you spend scrolling social media or listening to news stories. It’s absolutely okay to schedule time off technology (if not essential) at this time.

12. It’s okay to feel any or a combination of emotions at this time. Don’t be surprised if you’re experiencing the feeling of grief – for the loss of the way life used to be. David Kessler talks about the Six Stages of Grief – Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance and Meaning. All feelings and emotions are valid. Life has changed. You’re’ going through a transition and you get to interpret the shift that takes place for you.  



13. Take a meditation shower. Be present to the way the water feels and sounds. Appreciate this feeling and the blessing of a warm shower.

14. Make time to sit and listen to some classical music or the sound of nature. You may like to enjoy a hot cuppa while listening to some soothing sounds.

15. Create a small wellbeing space (just for you) to sit and simply be. A place where you can connect with your inner essence, your spirit and your true self.

16. Meditate. Lie down or sit in your garden or your wellbeing space. Take a few deep breaths in and a few long exhales out, then return to your normal breathing. Close your eyes and continue to breathe for 3-5 minutes while focusing on the rise and fall of your belly. You may prefer to focus on a sound around you (such as the birds in the trees or some soft music) or a guided meditation. You might like to check out Gabby Bernstein’s meditation for anxiety relief:  https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=670534053694467 . When your thoughts wander, don’t worry, simply guide them back to focusing on your breath or the sounds around you.


17. Play a board game with your family (Cluedo is our favourite at the moment).

18. Schedule in Zoom (or FaceTime calls) with extended family and friends throughout the week. Connection is an essential element in maintaining wellbeing and although we have to adjust the way we connect in the current situation, we must continue to prioritise connection.

19. Schedule in a little silly time. Make time for fun and laughter by dressing up, playing charades, share a few jokes, dance about or do something that lights you and your family up.

20. Be wholeheartedly present with each person in your home for five minutes each day. Simply sit with them. Listen to them without interjecting, judging, critiquing or teaching. Acknowledge their feelings, their story, their sharing with you and let them know how much you love and appreciate them.



If you’ve got any self-care tips you’re currently using at the moment to help make the most of your time at home I’d love you to share them in the comments below. Connecting and sharing our self-care strategies with others will help fill our collective wellbeing cup because we’re all in this together.

Love Rhi xo


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