How Mums Can Mindfully Set Up The Tone Of Their Day For Themselves And Their Children in 2023.

Using the PAP tool each morning and sharing it with your children can transform your family wellbeing.

As mums, we know that the way the day begins tends to be the way the day continues to flow and for many of us the morning rush can be a chaotic time of day. Being conscious of your wellbeing during this morning time can make a huge difference to how the morning unfolds.

A useful wellbeing tool to implement here is to spend a minute each morning setting up the tone of your day. This simple and practical wellbeing tool can help you and your children feel calm during this demanding time of day and help everyone to leave the house feeling happy and ready for the day ahead.


The ‘five weekday challenge’ is an excellent way to get started!

For five days in a row, begin the day with a PAP (Positive Action Plan).

The PAP consists of asking three key questions:

1. How do I want to feel today? (INTENTION)


2. What can I appreciate right now? (APPRECIATION)

3. What are my top three priorities? (PRIORITIES)


After you have asked yourself these three questions, share your new wellbeing tool with your children. (Toddlers may like to begin with question 1, however, primary school aged children can begin by reflecting on both questions 1 and 2).

Invite your children to consider the questions as a way of proactively setting up the tone of their day.

The daily PAP helps you and your children design your day in advance. It’s also a great way you can check in with yourself to see how you feel throughout the day.

A few times a day, ask yourself, “How am I feeling? Am I in alignment with my intention?”

By checking-in with yourself, you bring focus to your feelings, and you become mindful about how you actually feel. Once you're aware of how you feel you then have the choice to respond in a way that nurtures your wellbeing. For example, if you're feeling stressed you may decide to pause and take some conscious breaths. 

Another benefit of setting up your day in the morning comes at the close of the day. Each evening as you go to sleep, or around the dinner table as a family, spend a minute celebrating what you most enjoyed about your day or how successful it was.

As mums, we’re often experts at recounting the mistakes we made or recalling the list of things we didn’t get done. However, by setting those top three priorities each day, you and your family can look back and celebrate the little things you achieved. What a beautiful way to end the day!


Would love you to share how your Positive Action Plans are coming along!

And if you'd like to learn more about the PAP Tool and other simple yet effective wellbeing strategies to elevate your mental and emotional wellbeing, you might like to check out my book, 'Everyday Wellbeing for Mums, Thirty Life-Changing Tools to Help You Feel Successful as You Raise Your Children'.  


Infinite kindness 

Rhiannon Colarossi xo

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