Christmas can sometimes feel like a crazy time of year however with a few wellbeing tweaks, you can help yourself to feel more calm as you navigate the festive season. And no there isn't a typo...the first three tips are Go Slow! :)

1.    Go Slow.

Choose to go a little slower as you move through your day. Choose to walk, drive, eat, drink and talk in a calm and thoughtful manner during the month of December. If you catch yourself going fast, pause, take a deep breath and then continue slowly.

2.     Go Slow. 

Schedule in slow time. Christmas is a meant to be a time of joy, not ‘crazy-rushing’ around. Scheduling in slow time creates space in your day which can help eliminate unnecessary rushing around. By consciously choosing to slow down, you invite more peace, harmony and joy into the Christmas preparation period.


3.      Go Slow.


Make ‘going slow’ a priority in the lead up to Christmas. When you take your time, you are more likely to engage and respond to others from a place of calm thus actively participating in the true spirit of Christmas. Going slow helps you to cultivate and embrace more fully the everyday moments with your loved ones.


4.     Create a Christmas Mantra.


Create a saying that makes you feel good about December. Use this Christmas mantra as a reminder of what Christmas time means to you. It’s a simple yet powerful way to keep you focused on what is really important this festive season.


5.    Give Yourself Permission to Say ‘NO’.


Give yourself permission to do less this Christmas period. It is okay to politely decline invitations that don’t make your spirit soar. Saying ‘no’ to events and requests is a simple way to nurture your spiritual wellbeing this Christmas period.

6. Give Yourself Five Minutes.


In the lead up to Christmas, begin each day with five minutes of quiet reflection or meditation – no matter what! These five minutes will revolutionise the way you respond to challenges that arise during the Christmas period and thus help you feel more calm throughout the day.


7. Prioritise Peace.


Give yourself the gift of peace this Christmas period by letting all (minor and major) grievances go. Prioritising peace requires self-love and letting grievances go is essential in deepening your spiritual wellbeing. Forgiveness is the highest form of self-love and you deserve this precious gift. Grievances deplete your wellbeing and when you choose to forgive (which doesn’t mean condone) you prioritise peace. Prioritising peace helps you to deepen your authentic connections with others and dissipate the relationships that are not nurturing for you right now.

After the past 18 months that we've had, you deserve to feel good this Christmas. Choose one or two tips that resonate with you and implement them over the coming weeks.  

Wishing you a calm and conscious Christmas, beautiful mum. xo


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