25 ways mums can increase their 'Patience Power' in under 3 minutes.

Over the past ten years I've learnt some ways to build up my patience levels. Being a mum, patience is needed and during this challenging time it can feel tricky to achieve. I created this list for you...it includes some of the ways I switch from a frustration mindset to a more patient one.
patience power


  1. SING your favourite song out aloud.
  2. TURN off all forms of technology.
  3. DANCE in your kitchen.
  4. STRETCH your body.
  5. TAKE 5 slow, deep breaths.
  6. WALK outside and focus on something natural.
  7. PULL a funny face.
  8. JUMP on your bed.
  9. DRINK lemon water.
  10. TELL your children 3 reasons why you love them.
  11. LOOK in the mirror and say you are doing the best you can.
  12. LEAVE the tidying up and draw a picture together.
  13. PLAY the ‘I love’ game. Take turns listing things that you love.
  14. DECLUTTER something.
  15. SMELL your favourite perfume.
  16. TAKE a meditation shower.
  17. READ an uplifting article rather than watch the news.
  18. WRITE yourself a love note.
  19. WALK around the block.
  20. FLICK through an old photo album.
  21. SCHEDULE in a ‘lay low’ day.
  22. FORGIVE yourself for indulging in negative mind chatter.
  23. TALK to yourself kindly – like you would a good friend.
  24. THINK about three things you are grateful right now.
  25. MAKE a cup of tea and drink it before it goes cold.

  Love Rhi xo


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