Ten ways to enjoy your life when challenged by someone’s negative behaviour.

After all you have been through over the past few years, learning to navigate challenging behaviour is a highly useful tool to have in your wellbeing tool-kit, especially as you start to get back to being more social (now that we can!).


In the ten years that I’ve been running my wellbeing workshops for mums, one of the most commonly asked questions is:



“How do I deal with this one person in my life that is causing me pain?”


In fact, I’ve been asked this question so often that it inspired me to create the following ten tips which I discuss at my events and share with my clients to help them deepen their wellbeing practice.


If you have someone in your life that constantly tests you, who gets under your skin or tries to draw you into an argument – I get it. I had a person like this in my life, too! If you’ve had enough and just want to feel good whether they are in your life or not, you can!


I’ve personally been implementing these ten tips for almost 13 years now and I must tell you that they have been my saving grace. 


The below tips helped me maintain my wellbeing and continue to thrive despite the negative actions and behaviour.

1.  Don’t take it personally. It’s never actually about you, even if it seems that way!


2.  Focus on one of their good qualities. Yes, they do have some, you just have to focus on them through your loving eyes.

3.  Be conscious of your energy. Ask yourself, “What am I emanating while I’m around them?” Take responsibility for your energy lovely.

4.  Know that they choose their energy. Accept that they choose their energy and focus on not lowering your energy level to match theirs.


5.  Forgive the past unconditionally. Start the relationship with a fresh mind and heart. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you condone past actions but you merely release the toxic bond that you have with them.


6.  Forgive them as you interact with them. Be in an everyday forgiveness mindset when you are around them and let go of the negativity in each moment.


7.  Don’t engage in negative conversations. Sometimes this means walking away and taking a deep breath. The more you disengage from the negativity, the easier it will get! Stand your positive, high-energy ground, lovely!


8.  Decide to own your happiness. Embrace your inner-power and don’t let anyone affect your mood. Remember your worthiness and stay grounded knowing that you are amazing.


9.  Don’t talk about them to others. Talking about them constantly depletes your energy. Choose to focus on people who light you up and talk mostly about places, events and experiences that inspire you.


10   Send them compassionate thoughts. They need your positive energy, as they are most likely not feeling happy, worthy or at peace within themselves. When you think about them, visualise kindness all around them because they need your kind wishes, much more than your negative energy!

Lovely, it can take a while to find your feet, to be honest it took me a while to get there, however, for many years now I’ve seen people who get 'under my skin' as my greatest teachers.

If you have a challenging person in your life, my hope for you is that you’ll one day see them as your teacher, too. To see the person in your life, who challenges you most, who may cause you stress or anxiety as your greatest teacher, is a brilliant way to reframe the experience with them and in no time at all your wellbeing will begin to reach new heights.

I'd love to hear from you lovely, so hop over to instagram and DM me. And if you feel this blog may help someone you know, please share it with them. 

Love Rhi xo 

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