Five Reasons Why You Mustn’t Miss the Mums Self-Care Success Series 2021

Lovely, below are 5 compelling reasons why now is the perfect time to nurture your wellbeing. Your self-care tool-kit ensures that you continually show up as your amazing self, despite the daily challenges and chaos that comes with raising children.
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After 2020, you know the value of your wellbeing and how when you invest in your future wellbeing you are also investing in your family’s wellbeing.

The Mums Wellbeing Series helps you so that if challenges arise you're you're equipped to navigate them and can confidently manage them with strength, calm and resilience. If you're really struggling with feeling good, your children's behaviour, your marriage, boundaries with friends and family take action now and build a strong wellbeing foundation for 2021 and beyond. You’ll be oh so happy that you did.

Making the choice to kick off 2021 the wellbeing way will ensure you begin the New Year as the best, happiest and calmest version of yourself.

So lovely lady, below are five undeniable reasons you’ll want to be part of the Mums Self-Care Success series:


1.  You’ll no longer go from 0 to 100 in three seconds flat before 8am


Can you imagine rarely raising your voice and beginning most days feeling calm and with ease?


This is absolutely possible and I know this because I’ve created a morning wellbeing tool-kit that will help you begin your day with positivity, calm and mindfulness.

These tools help you to set the tone of your day and boost how you feel because the little wellbeing tweaks you incorporate each day add up and impact how you feel about your life!

The Mums Self-Care Success Series will have you feeling calm in no time at all, with one result being that you take a lot longer to lose your bananas each morning despite the daily chaos of getting everyone out of the house on time!  

I’ve worked with hundreds of mums and transformed thousands of children’s lives in the past five years via my coaching circles and programs and I would love to support you on your wellbeing journey, too.


Since building my wellbeing tool-kit, my family have noticed that I’m managing my stress levels better. We are having more fun and our home is a happier place. Introducing a wellbeing language and wellbeing tools into our home has made a positive difference. I am calmer, I yell less and love more.”

 “My husband has noticed my focus shift and has commented on how I am more relaxed and at ease with him and the kids, yet still managing to achieve all that I set out to. The kids’ behaviour has been a massive change. As I have relaxed, so have they!"


2.  You’ll no longer feel like a failure or that you’re doing a ‘bad’ job as a mum


Do you wish that you could stop comparing yourself to the other mums in the schoolyard and just start feeling like you're a good mum right now?


Yes lovely, I 100% hear you and please know that feeling successful and confident is absolutely possible.

I personally went from being a self-conscious, self-loathing 28-year-old girl to a confident, self-loving mum. I’ve been studying and living the wellbeing way for ten years now so I know what works and what doesn’t. I’m so excited to share my decade of learning (and failures) with you to help you fast track your feelings of success as a mum.


Confidence starts with a decision to own your worthiness and not spend another minute of your precious time second-guessing yourself or worrying about what other mums think of you. In very little time, you will feel successful and confident every day regardless of what you have thought about yourself up until now. My wellbeing tools will help you create a rock-solid positive mindset!


“I definitely have a more positive outlook after a really tough 12 months. I’m especially feeling more courageous and being kinder to myself. I want to continue using the tools and strategies I’ve learnt that help all aspects of my wellbeing. I also loved meeting new mums”.

“I loved the shared experience with the other women. The time to reflect and to look at the different wellbeing areas of my life. I liked the monthly meetups, I felt they were spaced well. The series was a fantastic reset and my self-talk and mindset has improved greatly”.

3.  You’ll no longer blame others or make excuses as to why you are unhappy with your life


What if you could take the reins of your happiness and kiss the victim-mindset goodbye forever? Wouldn’t that feel amazing?


You can absolutely achieve that feeling! The key is noticing when your wellbeing starts to waiver and using a tool from your tool-kit to guide yourself back to happiness. This is the beauty of building your wellbeing tool-kit and you will have these tools for life!

I feel blessed to have cheered on countless women as they shift from victim to victor and actually start living consciously. They are no longer stuck in ‘poor me’ mode! It’s wellbeing gold!

Deciding to be happy means choosing to live life on your terms, no longer pleasing everybody or putting yourself last on your list. Permission and prioritisation are key self-care skills that help you blame less and finally take charge of your wellbeing.


This begins with awareness, clarity and regular wellbeing goal setting. You’ll learn these tools (and many more) during the Mums Self-Care Success series.


“Being in a place where I can share my stories and feelings without being judged. Gaining so many tools and strategies to be a calmer, relaxed mum. The tools helped me to form better, deeper connections with my kids and husband – which has been amazing. And becoming more confident in who I am and celebrating the positive things I have to offer”.

4.  You’ll no longer hold on to negative emotions that deplete your energy and keep you feeling resentful


Are you kind to yourself? Or do you criticise yourself in a harsh, unforgiving way each day?


Lovely, the way you talk to yourself really does matter and is the key to strong mental wellbeing. Letting go of outdated beliefs that no longer serve you, and embracing self-compassion are essential self-care tools. In fact, they can be life-changing as they allow you to move forward feeling light, energised and connected to yourself and those around you.


Self-care is a skill which can be learnt and developed over time. The Mums Self-Care Success Series will help you on your way to becoming a self-care expert!


“I loved the different theme each week, meditation, opportunity to listen to others/be listened to, pausing and writing, reflecting and connecting, anecdotes/excerpts from books and sharing of resources. A big takeaway was focusing on connecting with myself and others and what I do/can do more of to connect with each of the members of my family individually. It was a very timely few months for me to set aside time to focus on my wellbeing”.

5.  You’ll no longer feel the need to lash out regularly at your partner or yell at your children

Wouldn’t it feel great if you didn’t feel like yelling at those you love?


Creating deep inner-peace so that you no longer feel stressed, anxious or frustrated all the time is absolutely achievable.

I often hear from mums that they want to stop yelling but aren’t sure how to as they’ve been yelling for so long! There was a time when I used to yell to communicate and I totally understand that the yelling cycle can be tricky, because it’s a habit developed and perfected over time. While it can be difficult not to raise our voices when you’re being pulled in so many different directions, it’s absolutely possible to create a calm, consistent energy in your home. This energy begins with you.

Deep connection with yourself and with those in your home is only a few wellbeing tweaks away and during my Mums Self-Care Success Series, I’ll show you how to achieve amazing relationships and a harmonious household.


I’m not saying you’ll never raise your voice again (you undoubtedly will), however, after our four months together, something inside you will have shifted and yelling at your loved ones will be far from your automatic response to their bad choices or back chat. You'll have transformed into a calm, conscious mum who creates harmony in the household and this is the foundation for which deep connection occurs with those precious souls in your home.


“I loved learning, listening and sharing with the other women each month. I feel I’ve become more present and calmer as a result. Learning to prioritise me and applying the tools in my day to day life has been life-changing. The timing was perfect because there has been a lot going on in my life and I can take these new skills with me into my exciting and calm future”.


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Being part of the Mums Self-Care Success Series will be one of your best decisions and an investment that will benefit you for the rest of your life! Don’t delay your self-care any longer, contact me today -   I’m so looking forward to working with you.

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