My Top 9 Tips to Calm the Christmas Chaos

I love Christmas! It is my favourite time of year but I know it has the potential to get a little crazy.
Santa on the Beach

Over the past few years I have tried to grab hold of the Christmas reins early and lovingly guide my way through December. I have found that thinking about Christmas, prior to being swept up in the hullabaloo of it all, does absolute wonders for my wellbeing and most importantly for the wellbeing of my family. Here are my top nine ways to enjoy the lead up to Christmas and Christmas day itself.

1. Create a Christmas Mantra

Create a little saying or affirmation that makes you feel good about December. Christmas is not just about the 25th but the lead up is just as important. Your mantra may be something like, “I love Christmas. I enjoy sharing my love and connecting with family and friends at this time of year.” This small statement is a personal reminder of what Christmas time means to you.

It is a beautiful yet simple way to keep you focussed on what is really important this festive season.


2. Go slow

Choose to walk, drive, eat, drink and talk in a cool, calm and thoughtful manner during the month of December. Rushing around, from here to there, serves no useful purpose. The unnecessary ‘busyness’ makes the month of December feel like it is an emergency situation. It has the potential to turn an ordinarily calm mum into a bundle of knots. By consciously choosing to slow down, you invite more peace, harmony and joy into the preparation period.

This slight change in mindset, positively affects your energy and your loved ones will reap the benefits. By moving slowly in December, we make time to remind ourselves of the true spirit of Christmas. The way you spend your time planning and preparing for this annual event has a direct affect on the energy you bring to Christmas Day itself. By making your preparations a pleasant experience, you ensure that your 2015 Christmas day, is the most enjoyable and successful one to date!


3. List your Loves & Loathes

Write a list of all your Christmas Loves – include things you like doing in the lead up to Christmas. Then, note down your Christmas Loathes – include things you do not enjoy but feel you have to do. This December, decide to do less from the ‘loathes list’. Give yourself permission to take it a little easier this Christmas period. It may mean you have to have an honest conversation with someone about your calm approach to Christmas this year. It may mean saying ‘NO’ to a couple of Christmas gatherings. Enjoy the lead up to Christmas Day, by doing more from your love list.

Choose to attend the celebrations which bring out the best in you and politely decline the ones you know will leave you feeling drained.


4. Take five minutes everyday

Begin each day in December with five minutes of quiet reflection or meditation – no matter what! These five minutes will revolutionise the way you react to challenges that arise during the Christmas rush period. Use these precious five minutes to set the tone for the day ahead. You may like to reflect on your mantra or you may prefer to visualise something that makes you feel peaceful, such as a waterfall. To maintain this feeling of serenity throughout your day, you may like to take five deep breaths anytime you think about or hear something Christmas related. It will help you to stay grounded and calm the Christmas craziness!


5. Cash only shopping

Leave the credit cards at home and only enter a shop with cash in hand - this way you will be less tempted to overspend. Before venturing out on any shopping expedition, create a specific list. Ensure it contains the details about who you are purchasing for and what you hope to buy for them. Be sure to spend only what you can afford. If you feel overwhelmed with the ‘present situation’ engage in an open and authentic conversation with family explaining that this year you will not being using credit to purchase gifts. You may have to tell them that this year, you will not be giving ‘store bought’ gifts but rather gifts made with love.

This is a perfect way to affirm your financial wellbeing. In paraphrasing the American money guru, Suze Orman, “it is not true giving if after purchasing a gift, you feel sick about the debt you are digging yourself deeper into.” Any loving family member or friend would not want you to feel this way. This Christmas, instead of trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’ decide to be true to yourself and your money situation.


6. Give gifts of love and time

Give a gift that expresses your love and appreciation of the person receiving the gift. You may decide to fill a card with five genuine reasons why you are grateful that (name) is in your life! This personal, heartfelt present will leave a lasting impression. Offering of your time is another awesome way to convey the Christmas spirit to a loved one. You may choose to get creative and make something...handmade gifts are thoughtful, unique and super special.


7. Create a Christmas Gratitude list

Write down three things that you are thankful for this Christmas season. Add these to the note which contains your Christmas mantra and ensure you carry it around with you. If you happen to feel the Christmas Chaos creeping in, whip out your note...reflect, refocus and continue on your way! Being thankful is a wonderful way to manage the Christmas chaos and ensure you go about your month in a happy and peaceful manner.


8. Build a bridge

Let go of the past. Choose to embrace forgiveness this Christmas season. Release all grievances, both the little ones and larger ones...they suppress your love. Use this Christmas period to deepen your relationships by forgiving. By doing so you can indulge in a truly peaceful Christmas. Leaving the past, in the past and focusing on what you love about the people in your life, is the most authentic, life changing gift to give.

What is especially awesome about forgiveness is that in doing so, you also give yourself an amazing gift. By releasing the energy it takes to be angry, you automatically diminish the toxicity that non-forgiveness has brought into your life. You become free and feel lighter and more alive than ever before.


9. Enjoy, Celebrate and Love

Make an effort to do two things you LOVE this December. Every day is a precious gift and life is about living so why not make this December a truly memorable one. Give yourself permission to have some fun now instead of putting off your happiness. Schedule in two activities that you usually would not make time for, maybe something you used to do but have not done for a while - something that brings you joy and happiness. Think of it as a special Christmas present to yourself...I call it a well-earned wellbeing gift.


This year, I am scheduling in a girls night in – just for me – to watch my favourite movie of all time – LOVE ACTUALLY! It is my number one favourite, feel good movie. I love singing along to all the songs - even if my singing voice isn’t all that delightful!

The song – ‘Love Is All Around’ by Wet Wet Wet being my favourite of all. I actually sing this song quite often, so much so, that my three-year-old son knows all the words, too!

Bill Nighy from Love Actually 

All the best this Christmas season...I hope you relax a little, enjoy more, spend less, forgive a lot and love, love, love to your heart’s content!


By Rhiannon Colarossi

Founder of The Wellbeing Web


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Julie Maloney
Love your work too Rhiannon. Thanks for connecting. xxoo
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This is a great article Rhiannon! A timely reminder of what the end of the year is really about - family, friends and enjoying yourself over the holidays. :)
Thank you Kate, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :) 
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