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During my 10 years as a primary school teacher, I saw the direct impact a mum’s wellbeing had on the learning and happiness of children in the classroom.

Then,  I became a mum myself and realised it wasn’t all that easy to nurture yourself each day.

I help support mums in monitoring and managing their wellbeing step by step guiding and supporting them in their wellbeing journey.


Do you want to feel like a successful mum?

Do you want to feel like you are doing a wonderful job raising your precious children?  

Do you want to feel at peace each day regardless of the 'busyness' that comes with being a mum?


As a life and wellbeing coach, I specialise in supporting mums to feel more confident, calm, connected and happy.

I especially LOVE helping mums boost their everyday wellbeing, in time-savvy and practical ways!


My coaching is perfect for you if you are ready to be the best possible mum you can be, for yourself and for your family.

My coaching is perfect for you if you want to feel more happy, calm, present and energised each day, despite the busyness and challenges of raising young children.

My coaching is perfect for you if you crave more ‘me time’ and a feeling of balance that flows into your everyday life as a mum.



Mums Mini Wellbeing Coaching Series

This coaching series for mums includes:

*A wellbeing pre-coaching questionnaire

*3 x 45 minute fortnightly sessions over a six week period

*Unlimited email support between sessions

*Access to my wellbeing eProducts and resources

Total investment - $499

Mums Wellbeing Booster Session

This special one hour wellbeing-boosting session is aimed to elevate your wellbeing (via clarity and goals setting activities) as well as provide you with some everyday tools to help you maintain and nurture your everyday wellbeing.

This session includes a pre-coaching questionnaire that you will fill in a week prior to our session. 

Total Investment - $199



Mother and Child Wellbeing Series

(available in Melbourne only)

The in-person mother and child wellbeing series is a unique offering I have created that brings together my primary school teaching knowledge and my passion for mums wellbeing. 

The mother and child wellbeing series includes:

*3 x 45 minute sessions with mother and child (aged 5 -12 years old)

*Tailored sessions to help support the specific wellbeing needs of the child

*Fun and interactive sessions that help empower mums to support their children achieve their wellbeing goals

This special wellbeing series will involve a range of wellbeing games (including role playing), wellbeing tools and strategies, goal setting, wellbeing language and discussion to help build the child's confidence, self esteem and resilience.

Total investment -

1 x 45 = $199

3 x 45 minutes - $299



To learn more about these coaching series or to organise your 30 minute complimentary consult, email Rhiannon today...


Your wellbeing is everything...when you VALUE, NURTURE & CELEBRATE your wellbeing - YOU THRIVE!

This then creates a beautiful ripple effect that flows out into your home and positively affects your loved ones.


YOU are so worth investing in! YOU deserve to be your best...for yourself and for your family!


Beautiful You - Certified Life Coach  


Complimentary Consult 

  • Forgiveness
  • Role Models
  • Authentic Self
  • Wellbeing Ripple Effect
  • Me Too
  • Dear Mum,
  • Ripple Effect
...because every woman is AMAZING & ADORABLE
when she embraces her beautiful AUTHENTIC self
and lets it shine brightly out into the world - everyday!

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