Wellbeing Coaching  


Begin 2021 strong and confident by creating healthy boundaries that keep you feeling safe and well.  

In this 60 minute 1:1 session with Rhiannon, you'll be guided and supported in setting specific boundaries for you. 

You'll learn how to implement boundaries consistently and navigate tough conversations with strength and kindness.

After the session, you'll walk away with a boundary setting plan as well as the confidence to implement them straight away. 

Rhiannon currently limited places in January and good availability in February

with evening sessions available upon request.

This 60 minute session will be worth it's weight in boundary setting gold! 


Your Investment $69 

Email Rhiannon today to book in your session - rhiannon@wellbeingweb.com.au

"The boundaries workshop was excellent, I loved it all! Prior to the workshop, I often felt anxious and took on the energy of others. I also believed my own narrative and negative self-talk. Throughout the workshop I learnt wellbeing tools that are simple and easy to implement, such as how to interact with others, whilst protecting my own energy. We also discussed the ego, the role it plays and how it impacts us, which I found helpful. It was great that the workshop was facilitated by Rhiannon who lives a 'normal busy' life that I could relate to. I walked away feeling empowered and I’ll definitely be recommending this workshop because it’s required for everyday happiness. Love your energy and work Rhiannon." (Claire - Teacher) 


"Thank you Rhiannon, I thought your workshop was excellent and loved your genuine approach. In fact, I got more out of your session than 6 sessions with a counsellor last year. Before the workshop, I was feeling energetically heavy and stressed with work. I found the content on energy and boundaries helpful and I loved your empowering tools around not letting other people's energy impact yours. You really know what you're talking about and made it practical with a sense of uplifted-ness! Since the session, I’ve created a wellbeing morning routine which has helped me to feel fighter, clearer, more in control of my energy/feelings. I also liked how you took a few of Eckhart Tolle’s teachings and shared your approach to conscious living with a relatable, female perspective. Rhiannon, I’d most definitely recommend your workshop to friends as it was practical and easy to implement bringing great change, with a focus on moving forward rather than looking back." (Sarah - Journalist) 


"I just loved this session! I really like how you started the session with your philosophy and teachings on setting boundaries, especially how you shared your own experiences and how you've tackled particular situations. It helps the group put their own experiences into perspective and take what they need to help themselves. I love the very direct advice you're able to give with my questions. I not only learn how to grow with what is going on in my own life, but I learn from yours and the other peoples experiences in the group too. Sharing our journey and learning how others are experiencing emotions and navigating similar situations is also invaluable. It goes without saying that I love every session that I attend of yours. It’s great to meet new people and share and discuss topics that are close to our hearts at certain times in our lives. Thanks again Rhiannon, I’ll look forward to your next workshop!"(Sandra - Mum of two)


"Rhiannon is very authentic and her workshop on Boundaries was well worth the investment. Before the session, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and anxious however Rhiannon always brings such a calm strength and is a wealth of knowledge. Rhiannon’s workshop was full of excellent messages and practical strategies that I could use and refer to later as part of my growth and understanding. I enjoy building a comprehensive mental wellbeing toolkit and I love connecting with others who are also working through similar things. There’s a strength in sharing, in empathy and in realising that we’re all blessed and challenged in our daily lives. Rhiannon balanced sharing her experience with tuning into the individual participants' needs and addresses their wonderings. Since attending the session, I've been less self-critical and not allowed others to make me feel less worthy. I choose how I feel about me. I highly recommend Rhiannon’s boundaries workshop. Investing in your self-care is money well spent and there is no price on health. Thank you, Rhiannon. " (Tamara - Assistant Principal) 



Mums Self-Care Success Series 2021

'From Frustrated to Feeling Good'

Your wellbeing roadmap to feeling strong, calm and connected in 2021.

Are you ready to guide your wellbeing back on track in 2021? 


In February 2021, I’m re-launching my award-winning coaching program - Mums Self-Care Success Series - 'From Frustrated to Feeling Good'

This wellbeing series has been specially designed to help you feel your best each day and confidently navigate feelings of anxiety, guilt, stress and frustration when they arise.

Mums Self-Care Success Series is based on 20 years of wellbeing experience as a teacher, as an avid learner, as a coach, as a mum and as a passionate wellbeing advocate who embraces a wellbeing lifestyle! 

It's my promise to you that by the end of this wellbeing series you will walk away with a practical, lifelong wellbeing tool-kit to call upon any time you feel challenged or simply want to feel better. You'll have life-changing strategies to help you manage your emotions, your mental wellbeing, your relationships and everyday experiences with grace and success. You'll be an amazing wellbeing role model for your family (especially your children) and be able to share with them so many wonderful tools and strategies that you've learnt. Even on your most challenging days you'll know how to activate your ‘inner calm’ despite the chaos around you. 


In fact, I'm so sure that you'll gain brilliant, life-changing wellbeing tools that if after the first workshop, you don't feel like it's right for you, you can receive a full refund. 


Mums Self-care Success Series inclusions


- 4 x 1.5 hour online monthly workshops

- 2 x 1 hour, 1:1 coaching sessions (via phone) 

- Pre Coaching Questionnaire

- Wellbeing e-booklets and a priceless wellbeing tool-kit

- Unlimited email support for the entire 4 months

- A community of kind, supportive and wellbeing-minded mums

- Access to Rhiannon, the award-winning, certified wellbeing coach, author, experienced Primary School teacher 

and winner of BYCA (Beautiful You Coaching Academy) Program of the Year Award.



Sometimes the motherhood journey can be lonely – you may feel like you’re the only one experiencing sleepless nights, a strained marriage or behavioural issues with your child. In this series you will hear real life stories from mums who are going through similar challenges such as the sleepless nights due to the nightly bed shuffle, the marriage that feels like it’s just holding on by a thread because you’re both in survival mode or the constant household battle over the child who doesn’t listen due to technology. And after 2020, now more than ever 2021 is the time to nurture your wellbeing. It's up to you to be the wellbeing leader of your family and I want to help support you in creating your wellbeing legacy. 

Mums Self-Care Success Series is a fun, supportive, positive and uplifting group of women coming together to support one another.

If you're ready to make 2021 the year to stop living on autopilot, to start loving your life and living it on wellbeing terms, to finally focus on you, to feel in control of what’s going on around you, to stop second guessing yourself, to stop worrying about what others think of you and to be confident in your daily choices – then this series is absolutely for you!

Believe me, I totally get it – I spent many years of my precious time pondering what ‘they’ were thinking and simply going through the motions but not really fully present in my life. Now I rarely spend time worrying about the opinions of others and feel more confident and in control of my life.

In the Mums Self-Care Success Series, I'll share with you all my wellbeing tips, tools and strategies that have helped me thrive (nothing is off limits) and how I navigated super challenging times with grace and presence while keeping my sanity and ensuring my cherished relationships remained on track. I'll teach you how to create healthy boundaries and have courage conversations when needed. 

You'll feel 100% supported by myself and the other beautiful mums in the group, where your friendships and wellbeing are sure to flourish.


The four C’s of Mums Self-Care Success Series are Confidence, Connection, Courage and Calm.

Mums Self-Care Success Series is a private monthly meet up that will run over four months with myself, and a gorgeous group of women. The energy created in these circles are priceless as the power of in-person meet ups are transformational. The energy from being part of a small, intimate group of like-minded mums is immeasurable. Together we can accomplish in four months what may take you years to accomplish alone. Below is a snapshot of what each of the sessions will entail.

Mums Self-Care Success Series Session 1 


In this circle you will learn how to be a confident, successful and happy mum.

You will walk away knowing:

-          How to show up feeling confident every single day.

-          How to gain clarity about how you feel and what you want for your future.

-          How to manage your emotional wellbeing despite being inconsistent before now.

-          How to feel successful and happy more consistently.

-          How to be at ease with who you are and how you are living your life.

-          How to feel in control of your time and have more of this precious resource.

Mums Self-Care Success Series Session 2


In this circle you will learn how to connect more deeply with yourself, your partner and your children.

You will walk away knowing:

-          How to connect with your inner-self and why this is the key to deeply connecting with your loved ones.

-          How to help keep your marriage/relationship on track despite the challenges of raising children.

-          How to win the technology battle so your children want to spend time with you rather than play computer games.

-          How to help your children be self-motivated learners so that you don’t feel like you are always pushing them

(in this session I will draw on strategies and tools from my 20 years of primary school teaching).

-          How to be a more present, in-tune and conscious parent.


Mums Self-Care Success Series Session 3


In this circle you will learn how to lead a courageous, whole-hearted life so that you are truly proud of the legacy you leave behind.

You will walk away knowing:

-          How to live your everyday life in a more mindful and present way despite society’s expectations.

-          How to be an amazing wellbeing role model for your family.

-          How to say no to the things that don’t nurture you and yes to those that excite you.

-          How to have courageous conversations with your loved ones about sensitive topics.

- How to implement healthy boundaries that ensure you flourish in a way that feels good for you and your family. 


Mums Self-Care Success Series Session 4 


In this circle you will learn how to harness the power of calm and use it to be the best mum you can be each and every day.

You will walk away knowing:

- How to have excellent emotional resilience

-          How to remain calm when the little and big challenges arise.

-          How to stay in wellbeing alignment even when those around you are overcome with negative emotion.

-          How to get back on track to feel good again after you've had a mini-mum-tantrum.

-          How live as your best self consistently and make calm your superpower.

As experienced in past wellbeing circles, the in-depth discussion that evolves around the table is where you’ll find the wellbeing gold! Coming together once a month will give you the opportunity to share with other mums how wellbeing tools impact and benefit your life, while feeling supported to keep your wellbeing goals on track. 

If you'd like to be part of this beautiful wellbeing series for mums in 2021, email me today at Rhiannon@wellbeingweb.com.au to organise your deposit and secure your spot .

Investing in your wellbeing is a priceless  gift to give yourself and your family this year. I look forward to hearing from you lovely. 


 Your Investment 

Your total investment for the Mums Self-Care Success Series is $221

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Mums Mini Wellbeing Coaching Series

This special 1:1 series consists of...

- a pre-coaching questionnaire

- four 1:1 coaching sessions (45 mins) over eight weeks

- unlimited email contact in between sessions

- access to my wellbeing tool-kit (includes wellbeing e-booklets)

- a post coaching questionnaire


Your investment for the Mums Mini Wellbeing Coaching Series is $699

(or if you prefer to add an additional two sessions, your investment for 6 sessions over 12 weeks is $999)

To organise a complimentary chat today click the link below...I'm so looking forward to working with you lovely.




To learn more about my coaching programs click here

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Your wellbeing is everything...when you VALUE, NURTURE & CELEBRATE your wellbeing - YOU THRIVE!

This then creates a beautiful ripple effect that flows out into your home and positively affects your loved ones.


YOU are so worth investing in! YOU deserve to be your best...for yourself and for your family!


Beautiful You - Certified Life Coach  


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