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This week's Wellbeing Wisdom is.................


This week we are going to focus on Part 3 of the PAP -


What are your top three priorities? It may be to play a game with your children, send an email, call a friend, clean the bathroom, go for a walk, wear something bright, have a challenging conversation with someone you love, say something kind to yourself in the mirror or cook a yummy Winter meal for your family. It's up to you.

This week, each morning upon waking,.. set your intention (how you would like to feel today) reflect on what you are grateful for (a gratitude list) decide what your top three priorities will be (three tasks/actions).

Your priorities may be people or task orientated however by setting three top priorities, it becomes easier to celebrate at the end of each day.


Weekly Action

Make a list of your top three priorities each morning. "Today my top three priorities are..."


Weekly Mantra 

 I live in alignment with my priorities and values.

Love Rhiannon xo


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...because every woman is AMAZING & ADORABLE
when she embraces her beautiful AUTHENTIC self
and lets it shine brightly out into the world - everyday!

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