May is the perfect time to give your wellbeing a little mama boost. Nurturing your mama mojo is essential for every mum and here are some simple and highly beneficial ways to get your mojo back on track.


1. Practise engaging in positive conversation.

Become a master of positive chat. Connect with others via uplifting, fun and inspiring conversations. I'm so passionate about this tool, that I wrote an entire chapter on it in my book, Everyday Wellbeing for Mums'.

This is a truly beneficial wellbeing tool because a wellbeing-infused chat can do wonders to how you (and the person you’re speaking with) feel. You know you have engaged in positive chat when you walk away feeling good (not drained or depleted). And by all means, I'm not suggesting you do not share your challenges with others, however, there is always a time and a place to do so. You may choose to do this with your closest friends in a way that is meaningful and with perspective. It’s wonderful to feel comfortable enough to share your challenges with a trusted friend but when you only talk about challenges with those you see during the day, you not only deplete your wellbeing but often drain those you engage with, too.

When in doubt, ensure that the percentage of positive conversations you have in a day is far higher than the negative conversations. If you find it challenging to leave a negative conversation you may choose to politely excuse yourself and go to the bathroom, disengage by not saying too much in return, change the subject, or find a friend who is willing to have a light-hearted chat with you.

During the month of May, decide to begin your conversations with a positive comment or story and watch how the positive momentum gathers and attracts more of the same. Positive conversations boost your mama mojo as they are wellbeing soup for the mama soul!

2. List your loves and prioritise them.

Be clear about the things you love. Clarity is amazing and spending a few minutes writing down all the things that you love (people, activities, experiences) helps you to clearly decide what you’ll say yes to and what you can say no to. When writing down your loves aim to incorporate many of those people or activities into your schedule during that day or the week ahead. When you make room in your week for your loves, you consciously and deliberately fill up your wellbeing cup. This is a brilliant way to boost your energy and elevate your mama mojo. Remember to take the time to notice when your mama mojo is starting to soar (as a way of celebrating). Not only will you be feeling great when you’re in this wellbeing space, you’ll be far better placed to manage the daily challenges that arise when raising young children. Fill up your wellbeing cup this May by listing and scheduling in your loves, because this, beautiful mama, is everyday wellbeing in action.


3. Focus on your thoughts.

Become aware of your thoughts – especially the repetitive ones. Notice your thoughts with curiosity and without judgement. Observe the conversations you have with yourself, as this is a key wellbeing action. Our inner chat is constant and when we become aware of it, we have the power to alter its power over us and thus lift our mama mojo up a notch. If left to drift about unconsciously, our inner chat has a tendency to be predominantly negative. When you bring conscious awareness to your thoughts, you can then gently question your thoughts and invite them to take on a more positive tone. For example, ‘Why am I thinking about this now? Does this matter right now? Is this kind? Do I know the whole story? Is this a good use of my mental energy? Is there something positive I could focus on instead?’ Awareness of your mental wellbeing is a helpful way to get your mama mojo moving positively! Awareness of your thoughts is the key to boosting your everyday wellbeing.

4. Make your mornings meaningful.

Begin the day as though you mean it. Begin your day with the intention of fully living your life with purpose (not simply going through the autopilot motions). It can be easy to fall into the routine of continuous autopilot days which can turn into autopilot weeks, months, and before you know it autopilot years! By switching to a daily routine of intention, you begin to create your days deliberately. Living a life of intention will make your days much more enjoyable and fulfilling. Taking the reins of your mornings is a key wellbeing action as it helps to guide the rest of your day. The PAP wellbeing tool is super-helpful for making your mornings meaningful. Over the past thirteen years this tool has become a non-negotiable part of my morning routine.

Another way to bring more meaning into your day is to make time to be quiet and to meditate. Stillness has a beautiful way of inviting in clarity and clarity is a golden element in making your mama mojo fly high! Meditation can be as simple as finding a space to sit still and simply listen to the sounds you hear. As little as five minutes of meditation will help your day flow with clarity, purpose, and ease.


5. Cherish your time.

Value your time and value it now (don’t wait another minute) because now is the most precious time of all. Cherish all the little things, cherish the challenges, cherish the good, cherish the mess, and cherish the now. Decide not to focus on the past or too much on the future. Focus on the present by asking yourself, “What matters to me most right now?” Cherish your time by choosing to do more of what you love. Don't put your happiness off by saying, "I'll do that when I feel less tired” or “I'll do it when the children grow up.” Do it now! It doesn’t have to be anything huge, it could be as small as taking five minutes a day to enjoy an entire cup of tea!

Choose not to put your wellbeing on the backburner, take one small wellbeing-inspired action, now. And like I mentioned in point No. 2, don't spend your precious time with those who leave you feeling depleted. Instead, cherish your time by valuing who it is you spend your time with. Cherish your time because it’s worth its wellbeing weight in gold. Cherishing your time this May will boost your mama mojo in leaps and bounds!



Thank you for being here and reading this blog, beautiful mama. I loved writing it for you and I appreciate the time you take to read it. I hope you try some of the wellbeing ways to boost your mama mojo and if you know another mum who might enjoy this blog too, please share it with them.


Here’s to boosting your mama mojo this May.


Rhi xo


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