25 ways self-care-savvy mums talk to themselves

Mums self-care matters and the way you talk to yourself is especially important during busy times such as now during the lead up to Christmas.

If you haven’t quite mastered wellbeing self-talk, below is a list of 25 things you might say to yourself throughout your day to boost your wellbeing! The way you talk to yourself is especially important during busy times or when you’re feeling completely overwhelmed by your to-do list.

1.      I’m doing a great job managing everything today.

2.      What is my body telling me it needs at the moment?

3.      My children are doing really well and I need to just give them a break.

4.      Breathing deeply helps me go about my day with ease.

5.      I feel so blessed to have ‘this person’ in my life.

6.      I’m scheduling in a little rest today.

7.      What energy am I bringing to this interaction?

8.      How can I make this experience more enjoyable?

9.      I appreciate life and everything it has to offer.

10.    I need to take a few minutes to rejuvenate after working so hard.

11.    Now is the perfect time for a cup of tea.

12.    I can feel myself rushing, I’ll be more effective and boost my wellbeing by going a little slower.

13.    I can always do the washing tomorrow, it doesn’t have to be done right now.

14.    I will make the time to go for a 10 minute walk today.

15.    What’s really important right now in this moment?

16.    What thoughts have I been thinking to make me feel like this?

17.    I feel blessed to be surrounded by so many kind people.

18.    This task can really wait until tomorrow.

19.    It’s okay to be upset, I’m just going to take a minute to reset and start again.

20.    I choose to focus only on the good qualities of that person today.

21.    What fun activity can I do right now to help me shift my focus to a positive one?

22.    I give myself permission to take excellent care of myself.

23.    How can I be more present and kind with my children right now?

24.    I’m so proud of myself for getting through this challenging situation.

25.    Today is going to be a brilliant day!


When you make a conscious effort to speak to yourself this way each and every day, positive self-talk will become second nature. You’ll be amazed at how much it shifts your mood and boosts your wellbeing. This is self-care success in action! 

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