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Mastering the Wellbeing Basics while Raising a Toddler

Mastering the Wellbeing Basics while Raising a Toddler Course

What you need to know

  • It's a go-at-your-own-pace course specifically created for mums raising toddlers.
  • Each video is between 5 - 15 minutes in running time
  • Two bonus Zoom workshops are included - running time 30 -40 minutes each.
  • All sessions contain highly practical wellbeing tools that are easy to implement now.
  • Your Investment - $19


Course contents

Welcome video
Session 1 - Self Kindness
Session 2 - Mindset Part 1
Session 3 - Mindset Part 2
Session 4 - Micro wins and celebration
Session 5 - Dream Life Focus
Session 6 - Thrival time
Session 7 - Physical Wellbeing
Session 8 - BONUS 1 Zoom workshop on Energy (41 mins)
Session 9 - Conscious Living
Session 10 - Check in and breath focus
Session 11 - Tea Time is Me Time
Session 12 - Recap & Boundaries
Session 13 - BONUS 2 Workshop on Emotional Wellbeing (31 mins)


This course is jam-packed with brilliant tools, strategies and insights into nurturing yourself during the time-pressed years of raising a toddler.

By being part of this community, you'll feel less alone as you connect with other mums that have completed the course previously.

You'll have lifetime access to the course so you can rewatch your favourite videos whenever you want.

There's oodles of wellbeing goodness weaved throughout the 13 sessions including the 2 bonus workshops.

Mastering the Wellbeing Basics while Raising a Toddler is hands down, one of the best investments you'll make for you and your family's wellbeing, this year.

I'm bursting with excitement about sharing this course with you and I look forward to seeing you in the group - remember to tag me in your comments. Rhi xo

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Everyday Wellbeing for Mums

Everyday Wellbeing for Mums Book


Everyday Wellbeing for Mums is a practical tool-kit to help you navigate daily challenges with calm. If ever there was a time to invest in your self-care now is the time! Order your copy today.


"A wonderful book...chock full of so many helpful tools for mums" 

Gorgi Coghlan
Channel 10 'The Project' host and mum

$ 18.00
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Wellbeing Mama Mentorship

Mama Mentorship

Rhiannon Colarossi's Signature Wellbeing Course

Includes - 25 wellbeing videos + a bonus virtual retreat.

For your investment you receive 15 hours of live video content and receive lifetime access to my signature wellbeing course.

Mama Mentorship was launched in 2021 and was recorded live over 25 weeks during the pandemic. It encapsulates how wellbeing and challenging times can co-exist and empowers you to navigate tough times successfully. Wellbeing can be a consistent practice in your life - regardless of what's happening around you.

These timeless teachings are a culmination of 13 years of learning and experience and have been foundational practices in living my wellbeing filled life.

Each video discusses a wellbeing topic and are between 12 and 37 minutes long except for Boundaries (Week 10) and Mental Wellbeing (Week 15) which are longer.

The total value of Mama Mentorship is well over $1,000 however it's my mission to make wellbeing habits and strategies accessible to mums who are ready to elevate their wellbeing. So, if this sparks excitement and you're ready to feel empowered, successful and happy as you raise your child - Mama Mentorship for you!

NB This program is located in a private Facebook group therefore you must have an account to access Mama Mentorship.
After payment has been made I'll send you the group details within 24 hours so you start straight away.


$ 111.00
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  • Dear Mum,
  • Me Too
  • Wellbeing Ripple Effect
  • Ripple Effect
  • Role Models
  • Authentic Self
  • Forgiveness
...because every woman is AMAZING & ADORABLE
when she embraces her beautiful AUTHENTIC self
and lets it shine brightly out into the world - everyday!

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