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Hi lovely,

if you want to feel your best as you raise your children you're in the right place. 

For the past 20 years, I've been studying wellbeing and learning about what it takes to ensure a mum thrives. 

WHY have I spent half my life studying this? And why do I want you to care about your wellbeing too? It's very simple - it's because of your children.

Your children need you to care about Your wellbeing!

After almost two decades of teaching in primary schools, I know what it takes for a child to thrive.

One of the greatest factors in raising a kind, confident and resilient human beings is YOU!

Your wellbeing directly impacts the happiness, learning and development of your precious child.

The best news about this is that Your wellbeing is in Your control. All you need to do is be aware of this (which you are now) and secondly take action to prioritise your wellbeing consistently from this day forward. 

Your time as a mum is precious and in today's rush-rush world it's so important to make sure your wellbeing practice fits in easily with everything else you have to do. And I'd love to help you do this. 

As an award winning, certified wellbeing coach and author of Everyday Wellbeing for Mums, my mission is to help you thrive.

Whether you come to one of my events, schedule a coaching session with me, purchase my book or read one of my blogs I look forward to connecting with you and helping you to feel your best as you raise your kind, confident and resilient children.




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"When mums nurture their wellbeing they create a beautiful ripple effect...positively affecting all those around them...especially their children”.

(Rhiannon Colarossi)

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