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“I  LOVED   IT!"

I found Rhiannon’s wellbeing coaching series to be more beneficial than seeing a councillor or a psychologist.  

I’ve always struggled with low self-esteem, been way too hard on myself and always in the pursuit of happiness. I’d often ask myself questions like - Why aren’t I happy with who I am yet? Why do I give a hoot about what other people think? I have found these aspects of my life frustrating and wanted strategies on how to move forward and be happy with the person that I am.

I wanted to participate in the Mums Wellbeing Series to gain some strategies that will help me along my wellbeing path and for the accountability. I wanted a bank of tools and strategies to help me out of the rut that I’d get into sometimes. I found Rhiannon’s wellbeing strategies to be results based and at the end of the series I walked away feeling that I had my own wellbeing toolkit. I loved the tips Rhiannon gave me and enjoyed the accountability aspect of it.

I loved the one on one sessions and I felt totally comfortable with Rhiannon. I had complete trust in her and knew I could let my guard down without judgement. Rhiannon listened to what I needed most and guided me into taking positive action. I loved it!

I also loved sharing with a small group of mums. I enjoyed listening to their journeys and how they have implemented the strategies into their lives. The group sharing was of great benefit to me.
And to top it all off, my husband has even noticed the changes I’m making. He said to me today (after an argument) that the old you would not have apologised and acknowledged your mistake – and that’s a huge compliment!

Now, I’m making my wellbeing a priority.  I’m going to keep practising meditation and sticking to my goals. I’m excited about what the future holds for my family and I.

Thank you Rhiannon.

Mum of two children


The Wellbeing Web

“I found Rhiannon’s coaching to be encouraging, reassuring and uplifting!

Before working with Rhiannon, I was feeling depressed, I was struggling to find value in who I was, what I did and in myself. My wellbeing was not a priority and I felt I was really struggling. I was very unhappy.

After bumping into Rhiannon in the supermarket and having a conversation, I knew I was going to work with her. A couple of months prior I had attended one of Rhiannon’s wellbeing session at our local kinder and been thinking about working with her since then.

I was nervous about the first coaching session as I didn’t know what to expect yet I also felt calm because I knew it was the right thing and I was in a ‘safe place - had confidence in Rhiannon. After our first session, I knew I was in the right place, doing the right thing with the right coach.

Since completing my coaching series those around me have commented that I look happier. I’ve felt more hopeful and a little bit of my old self has started to show again. I have also felt like reconnecting with my friends which was a big thing for me.

I am remaining calmer and I’m able to reset my wellbeing when needed. I feel more (quietly) confident in myself and I’m valuing myself more than ever before.

Thanks for listening to me Rhiannon and thank you for helping me to find myself again and giving me the tools to keep me there.”

Mother of two children


Caroline Munchenberg

I loved working with Rhiannon. She was really supportive and it was actually fun.

Prior to coaching with Rhiannon, I was feeling stressed, disorganised and overwhelmed. I was concerned about balancing studies with family life. I was also worried about my kids as they were experiencing some difficulties at school. I wanted to feel better within myself, more connected with my family and confident to pursue my own goals.

I was excited about working with Rhiannon as I have followed her and the Wellbeing Web for a long time. She didn’t disappoint as I felt supported, nurtured and cheered on as I worked towards achieving my goals.

After having completed my coaching series with Rhiannon, I feel calmer, lighter, not sweating the small stuff, not as quick to anger and generally more fun to be around. I have also been willing to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things, such as an aerial yoga class.

I’m now regularly checking-in with myself through morning, meditation, PAP and throughout the day, sometimes even in the evening and if not, I don’t ‘guilt’ myself so much anymore for the things I don’t do or am not doing. 

My new found wellbeing routine is manifesting itself in a greater sense of calm, clearer thinking and awareness in those moments when I am feeling triggered and my calm is slipping away.

I now feel more compassionate towards myself and others and I’m better at observing, allowing and being curious rather judging others or being self-critical.

Thank you so much Rhiannon. I found our time together illuminating and so very helpful.


Caroline Munchenberg,
Mum of two children


The Wellbeing Web

Rhiannon is a kind, inspiring woman and such a blessing to work with.

I reached out to Rhiannon as I was watching my daughter struggle to cope with anxiety due to getting bullied at school.

I’m a busy mum of two and was also personally dealing with a lot of other stuff of my own. I was struggling to nurture my wellbeing and allow time for myself. I felt weighed down at times with my own feelings of low self-worth and negativity. I knew I needed some wellbeing support, for myself and for my daughter.

Rhiannon's wellbeing coaching helped me to be more aware of my wellbeing (via her wellbeing check-in activity) and helped my daughter to learn different wellbeing strategies (via role-play and wellbeing activities) to help her feel more confident in managing herself and her friendships.

Rhiannon helped my daughter to grow in confidence and to become stronger as a person.

Rhiannon supported us in creating wellbeing goals which helped us focus on our priorities and opened up a wellbeing conversation between myself and my daughter.

After one uplifting session with Rhiannon, we both felt more at ease and had clarity on how to deal with things in life in general. We have also learnt how to take some time out to breathe, to slow down and focus our thoughts on what we want.

Thank you Rhiannon from the bottom of our hearts.

 Dina and her 7 year old daughter


Marie, mum of two children

Thank you so much for being my coach Rhiannon. I definitely needed the wellbeing reset and I feel so much better for it. When I came to you I wanted to feel more calm and overall happiness. I needed to make a change as I wasn't feeling myself.

After our first session, I was excited about making positive changes and setting some inspiring goals.

Since completing the coaching series, I definitely feel calmer and happier and this has positively impacted my family. I feel more enlightened, peaceful and am able to accept myself exactly as I am.

Rhiannon you are an amazing person with such a beautiful soul. I feel so blessed to have met you and have you in my life. Keep doing what you are doing lovely. You are truly a gift and are helping so many mums and therefore impacting their families too.

Thank you Rhiannon.

Mum of two children



The Wellbeing Web

Rhi, I cannot thank you enough! You are a wonderful friend and a very talented coach. I have walked away from our sessions with so much more positivity and energy for my family and for myself.

Before coaching with Rhiannon, I was very low and struggling with anxiety, motherhood and my marriage. I honestly didn’t know where else to go. I needed someone to help me refocus and I knew that a mother’s wellbeing was Rhiannon’s specialty.

I was not prioritising certain areas and focusing on trying to be the perfect mum rather than being the mum my family wanted and needed. There was so much going on in my life that no-one outside my marriage was really aware of. Never having worked with a coach before I had no expectations, just a hope that Rhi could give me the guidance that I needed.

After our first session, I knew that Rhi was going to help me achieve my goals and she would continue guiding me to ensure I got there. I could see that my situation was not unique and a lot of mothers struggle with the pressures of motherhood.

My husband has noticed my focus shift and has commented on how I am more relaxed and at ease with him and the kids, yet still managing to achieve all that I set out to. The kids behaviour has been a massive change. As I have relaxed, so have they!

I feel more at ease now. I actually remember to stop, take a breath and remind myself to slow down, that there is no great rush. Things can wait and that is ok. I actually have been drinking my tea hot!!

I now have the wellbeing tools to improve my focus and redirect my energy to be the best that I can. The fact that I know when to stop myself when I am moving too fast is a massive step. I have been moving ‘fast’ for around 7 years. I now know when I am at that point.

The simple action of stopping and taking my breaths has been a godsend. At least every day I take a sip of my tea and tell myself this is ‘me time’. I never realised how important it was to my wellbeing.

Thank you Rhiannon

Mum of three children




Rhiannon’s wellbeing coaching series was invaluable and truly life changing.

I was overworked, stressed and not in a good place. I was ignoring my health and wellbeing and my family were worried about me too. I was often yelling rather than talking. I wasn’t happy and knew something had to change.

I reached out to Rhiannon and despite not having worked with a coach previously, I felt excited and ready to make some positive changes.

After our first session, I walked away with clarity around my worthiness. I knew I deserved to look after me and that when I was at my best, my children would thrive too.

Rhiannon’s wellbeing coaching has helped me to manage my work stress levels and I have developed time wellbeing strategies to help me feel better about my time. I’m able to focus on and prioritise what is important to me and I don’t delay the small things that matter for myself or my family.

My family have noticed that I’m managing my stress levels better. We are having more fun and our home is a happier place. I have also introduced wellbeing language and wellbeing tools into our home which has made a positive difference.

The biggest changes I have made are that I am calmer, I yell less and love more. I feel more energized and balanced each day. I am more present and no longer live in the past or the future like I used to. I have learnt the wellbeing benefits of forgiveness and have implemented this wellbeing tool into my life also.  

Rhiannon, you have changed the way l live. I can never thank you enough for that. I don’t exist now, I live. I look for something to be grateful for in everything. I have learnt to enjoy the journey, to slow down and breathe.

Thank you so much.

Mum of two children



The Wellbeing Web

Rhiannon’s wellbeing coaching series was life-changing. It helped me develop positive wellbeing tools which have positively impacted my attitude, behaviour and outlook on life. I am so happy that I decided to make the decision to prioritise my wellbeing and thanks to Rhiannon I have started on my wellbeing journey. I am so happy that I decided to invest in my happiness!

Prior to reaching out to Rhiannon I was struggling to cope with my anxiety and my most important relationships where on a downward slide. The constant pressure, negative self-talk and energy I had enveloped myself in was causing extreme stress and unhappiness within me and it started to penetrate my relationship with my beautiful husband and children. My husband and I had completely disconnected and my eldest daughter kept asking why mummy was never happy.

I desperately wanted to change the way I was feeling and wanted to create a peaceful and happy home environment that not only my husband and children deserved but that I also deserved! I just didn’t know how to make it happen as I was so weighed down with my own feelings of low self-worth, negativity and guilt. That is when I decided to reach out to Rhiannon and have not looked back since our first coaching session.

Rhiannon was there for me in what has been the most difficult period of my life. Her support, encouragement and amazing aurora has inspired me to be the best mother and wife that my family deserves. She has equipped me with perspective and the tools I need to create a happy and loving home for my family.

As a result of my coaching sessions with Rhiannon and slowly incorporating her methods into my everyday thoughts and life my husband and I are back on track and we feel much more connected. He has noticed the shift that has taken place within me and that I am much more relaxed and positive in dealing with situations that would have previously caused my anxiety and stress levels to go through the roof.

I am more present with my children and my beautiful girls are happy because mummy has finally found peace and happiness within herself.

I’m also less bothered by other people’s opinions and comments and have learned to not let it affect my mood, energy or outlook on myself, my decisions or my family.

I am more aware and conscious of my energy and in tune with how I feel and how it in turn affects my home environment. When I begin to notice my mood and energy heading south, I’m able to catch it in the early stages and guide it back to where I want it to be. I love being able to let the worries and anxieties of raising a young family and dealing with the 101 different opinions on how it should be done go more easily rather than allow them to negatively affect me or become trapped obsessively thinking about it for hours or days.

Rhiannon’s coaching has made a huge difference to my life. My most important relationships (my marriage and children) are benefitting. I’m more compassionate with myself and others and our house feel happier. Thanks so much Rhiannon – you have been a godsend! x

Mum of two children



Nicole Mernado

"Rhiannon’s coaching was a source of positivity and what I have learnt from her has really changed my life.

I was struggling to allow myself time for myself. I was caught up in the rush of daily tasks, a daunting to-do-list and not enjoying my relationships and family. I wanted to create a happier me. To enjoy my family and not sweat the small things. After doing an initial wellbeing session with Rhiannon, I was introduced to the concept of mental wellbeing and self-compassion.

With Rhiannon’s guidance, I was able to focus more on my thoughts and allow myself to be more accepting of positive changes. Rhiannon was very supportive in helping me achieve my goals as she guided me through discussions and exploring new ways of thinking. I felt that someone was listening to me and offering me hope for change rather than someone listening and saying things will get better or telling me I was doing a good job but not offering a solution.

I have learnt how to be aware of my thoughts which allowed myself to schedule me time and also appreciate other relationships in my life. My husband has also noticed a shift and is encouraging me. He knows that I’m trying to make a positive change not just for me but for our family. I am beginning to slow down and reassess life rather than rushing through the day. Slowly but surely I feel that I am making positive changes which invite more joy into my life and help me to appreciate little moments and blessings.

Thank you Rhiannon."

Nicole Mernado,
Mum of 3 children



The Wellbeing Web

"I found coaching with Rhiannon to be uplifting, motivating and clarifying. Rhiannon truly went above and beyond during our time together.

Before reaching out to Rhiannon, I felt a bit stuck with respect to where I was heading and what was next for me. I came across Rhiannon’s wellbeing workshop flyer in my local supermarket and I realised that was my answer.

My expectation for my coaching series was to help me establish a goal and help me “chunk it down” into little goals, pointing me in the direction I needed to go. Going into our first session, I felt excited, open and optimistic about how Rhiannon could help me. After our very first session, I had a clear primary goal along with a number of tools to help me work through small issues that in the past were challenging and blocked me from moving forward with confidence.

Since completing my coaching series, I feel that I have a clear pathway and my own personal plan. I feel more in control of my career. I feel more present and that I'm investing in the relationships that leave me feeling nourished, happy and warm. My husband has also noticed that I have been a lot clearer with what I want out of life. Having the tools and clear goals, I now feel empowered and on purpose.

A huge thank you Rhiannon for all your help, guidance and support."

Mum of two children



Sue Muller

Not only did Rhiannon create a beautiful, gentle, nurturing space to explore where I wanted to be, she held me accountable and cheered me on as I gained momentum and powered forward to achieve tangible results in both my personal and business life.

Sue Muller,
Founder of Smile Chickie



Rachel Cahn

Working with Rhiannon helped create a big shift in my life. I learnt how to set and stick to my goals and if I ever find myself off track I now know how to bring myself back. I've noticed a big change from our first session and plan to continue using the tools she has taught me. I simply can't start my day until I have showered my family and friends with lots of love using my magical wand :)

I came to Rhiannon with a whole bunch of problems one being the frustration of having tried to conceive for some time without any luck, now nearly nine months on from our sessions I am about to give birth to my first baby girl. What a miracle worker!!

Rachel Cahn



Hayley Farmer

I reached out to Rhiannon when my life was at a crossroads. I needed help getting back on track and hadn’t taken the time to sit down, evaluate my situation and work out how I would overcome the issues I was having. Rhiannon helped me to think clearly again and encouraged me to really focus on the positives.

She gave practical guidance and helped me set measureable goals which lead me to where I wanted to be. I always left our sessions feeling positive, in control of my life and with a sense of achievement.

Even having finished the course, I still use the tools Rhiannon taught me so I continue to live a more happy and peaceful life.

Hayley Farmer



Jade Barry

Rhiannon is an inspiring woman with a kind soul. She nurtured me through some trying times where I needed to make decisions to benefit my own wellbeing. She made me realise there were parts of my life that needed a shift which I couldn't do on my own.

Rhiannon helped me set goals and with her support I was able to reach them. It is a constant challenge working on my wellbeing but after working with Rhiannon I now have the tools to do so. I honestly feel blessed having met Rhiannon as she is very insightful and caring.

Jade Barry
Primary School Teacher



Natasha Tay

"Rhiannon, I can't thank you enough for our forgiveness inventory session. The timeliness of it could not have been more perfect. As I embark on the forgiveness path, I knew I needed to connect with you and your introduction reassured me that you have done the work yourself and really inspired me. The task itself was simple as you suggested, and yet so powerful. I have been using it repeatedly. I realised from our session that this was not a once off thing, but a daily practice I needed to bring into my life more. I can't thank you enough, and I really think more people need to hear what you have to share about forgiveness and do this work with you! Thank you!"

Natasha Tay,
Yoga teacher and founder of Pocket Yogini



Naomi Gora, founder and editor of Lift

'Oh my goodness, I’m releasing things on a whole new level while still retaining a feeling of being entitled to have my personal boundaries in place. To be able to send love and healing to those who have hurt me, while not being scared of letting myself be walked all over is so bloody freeing.'

Naomi Gora,
founder and editor of Lift





Corpus Christi Glenroy

"Rhiannon did a wonderful job speaking at our annual Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea. She really has the gift of speaking to parents in a relaxed and relative manner and gave many simple and useful tips that mums can use to manage to their own wellbeing and be the best version of themselves.
Many of the women commented about how great it was that Rhiannon moved around each table to interact, chat and further discuss things from her talk.
Thank you Rhiannon for your positive energy!"

Claire Waldron,
Grade 2/3 Teacher
Family Engagement School Community Leader
Corpus Christi Glenroy


Aberfeldie Primary School

"Rhiannon presented a wellness session for the mums at our school. The session was about taking time for yourself in a mums busy day and what we can do to feel balanced in all aspects of life. Our mums really enjoyed the session with Rhiannon. There were opportunities to share and ask questions as well as many wellbeing tips on how to create one on one time with yourself. We found Rhiannon engaging and she spoke from experience of being a busy mum herself. The group are keen to have her back so she can share more of her wellbeing knowledge and experience. I would definitely recommend Rhiannon to other schools and community groups."

Heather Golder,
Vice Principal of Aberfeldie Primary School



Danielle Ross

What a pleasure it was to have Rhiannon as a special guest speaker at our inaugural Career Ideas for Mums Expo on Saturday 10th October this year! Rhiannon's talk on '5 minute self-care tips for busy Mums' left our audience inspired and empowered with fantastic advice to boost everyday wellbeing. I have had great feedback on her session.! We were so glad to have featured Rhiannon as part of our special day.

Danielle Ross,
Creator & Event Director of Career Ideas for Mums Expo 2015



Emily Torney

Rhiannon Colarossi spoke at the University Blues Ladies Luncheon on 24th May 2014. Her content was relevant to all women, which was fantastic as the event attracted a wide variety of ages. In particular her focus surrounded the general wellbeing of ones life, and how some simple changes in everyone's day to day practice can contribute to a positive and happy ripple effect. It was nice to be reminded of the simple and effective methods we can use, as it is so easy to forget and get tied up in the worries/negatives of our surrounds. Thank you for the encouragement Rhiannon.

Emily Torney,
Episode Events



Erin Kyna

Working with Rhiannon for her Everyday Wellbeing workshop was a pleasure. I provided the guided meditation, and found her to be professional, organised and thoughtful. The workshop ran smoothly, and offered a seamless experience to the attendees. She provided easy, applicable wellbeing advice, as well as helping attendees gain clarity and awareness in their lives. I loved working with Rhiannon and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Erin Kyna,
Erin Kyna Life Coaching



Cristina Re

I have been working with Rhiannon for over a year now, collaborating on wellbeing events run at my Where A Girl Goes store in Collingwood. 

I have found Rhiannon to be a delightful person and a pleasure to work with. She is not only incredibly caring, positive and insightful, but also highly professional in the way she conducts her work and workshops. Her vision to educate women on wellbeing in various areas of business and life is commendable and inspiring, and has made me want to work closely with her to achieve her endeavours, which are closely aligned with my own. Her enthusiasm and belief in her work and ideas is contagious and I hope to work closely with her in the future to give back to women in a positive and life changing way

Cristina Re,
Cristina Re Designs



Kate Erlenbusch

Having worked + collaborated with Rhiannon, I'm always blown away by her inner steadiness and her compassionate approach to work and life. In creating the Wellbeing Web, running events + coaching, Rhiannon practices exactly what she preaches. She is a living, thriving example of what a woman can achieve for herself and her loved ones when a woman's wellbeing is the primary focus. Thanks to Rhiannon I have practical strategies that help me stay centred amidst the chaos and self-doubt that is life mothering young children. 

Rhiannon inspires me to be a kinder mother and a kinder friend (especially to myself). I can't wait to attend the next nurturing event. I always leave Rhiannon's company, whether 1:1 or in a workshop setting feeling uplifted, supported and inspired.

Kate Erlenbusch,
Promotional Poet and founder of Word Love



Danielle Price, founder of She Will Shine

I was honoured to have Rhiannon present at a Member Insight Session for the She Will Shine community.

The focus was on Practical Wellbeing and after only a week the women who attended (including myself) have seen phenomenal shifts in our own lives. Rhiannon brings such warmth and compassion, and coupled with her own experience creates a safe haven to nurture our inner selves as well as the forgiveness of those around us. Her practical approach ensures even the busiest of women are able to set a little time aside for their own self-care and enjoy the changes that come from within. This is so important in this crazy-busy life we all lead but too often forgotten.

Thanks Rhiannon for helping us all shine a little brighter.

Danielle Price,
founder of She Will Shine



Mickleham Primary School

"Thank you very much for coming along to our ladies night, this was a first for Mickleham Primary School and I think it went really well, we have had nothing but positive feedback. Thank you again for taking the time from your schedule and giving us the opportunity to listen to some great advice. You are an inspiration to a lot of women, I must admit I now do my hand on my tummy and chest breathing every morning and yes it does make me feel better. I’m sure more women from the night would have taken something away from your talk also. Thanks again, it really is greatly appreciated and helped make our night a success"

Melinda (Lin),
President - Parents and Friends Committee



Julie Parker

Rhiannon's passion for the wellbeing of mothers shines through in her speaking. She is warm, natural, and wants her audiences to feel uplifted and like they can achieve simple but meaningful things for the betterment of their lives. I always enjoy listening to her speak and believe she is perfect for any gathering of mothers that is looking to achieve greater calm and presence in their life."

Julie Parker,
CEO and founder, Beautiful You Coaching Academy



Jade McKenzie

I have had the wonderful pleasure of working with Rhiannon a number of times now after engaging her as a regular speaker and presenter at my Babies and Business events for entrepreneurial mothers building up businesses across Australia.

I have seen first-hand the impact Rhiannon's presentations have had on the attendees and her expert knowledge has changed many lives for the better. For women who are time poor, overwhelmed with home and work duties and can't fathom how wellbeing can fit into their day. As a wellbeing specialist, as a speaker and as a presenter she comes with my highest recommendation and I look forward to working with her again.

Jade McKenzie,
Founder of Event Head



Vanessa Sutherland

I was thrilled to have Rhiannon speak to the first-time expectant mums attending my event, The Baby Workshop.

She is an engaging and relatable speaker who, in sharing her own experiences provided wonderful tips and advice to expectant mums as they approach a very new (and often nervewracking!) stage in life.

The juggle of new motherhood can be overwhelming and using the valuable information Rhiannon shared, each mum will begin their new life with a baby with confidence while still nurturing their own personal wellbeing.

Vanessa Sutherland,
Chief Mama and Event Organiser at The Baby Consultant



Tarnya Cook Branch Director, Business in Heels - Melbourne Bayside

"Rhiannon spoke at our Business in Heels Melbourne Bayside event last Wednesday night and what an amazing talk she gave.

Her advice on bringing more wellbeing into your everyday life is practical and easy to implement. Her message resonates with women of all ages and her calm demeanour is a demonstration of her core message. The feedback from Rhiannon's presentation has been nothing but positive as she has inspired and motivated our members to go forward and implement her strategies. I highly recommend Rhiannon as a speaker and presenter at your next event.

Thanks Rhiannon and we look forward to having you back soon."

Tarnya Cook,
Branch Director, Business in Heels - Melbourne Bayside


To enquire about engaging Rhiannon to speak at your upcoming event, please email her at


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