Will you be a WELLBEING MUM in 2016?

In January I’m launching my 6 month Wellbeing Program for mums.

I’d LOVE you to join me as a wellbeing mum and embrace 2016…the wellbeing way!

If you’re a busy mum wanting to nurture your wellbeing, in time-savvy and practical ways – this Wellbeing Program is perfect for you!


If you’d like to feel connected, inspired and surrounded by a loving community of down-to-earth mums then you have come to the right place.


Wellbeing Web crew 


What does a Wellbeing Mum look like?

•She is a wellbeing role model for the younger generation

•She is a loving, caring and motivated mum who wants to boost her everyday wellbeing

•She enjoys chatting and connecting with like-minded mums

•She wants to prioritises and nurture her wellbeing is practical and time-savvy ways

...so she can feel amazing and be the best mum to her children each day!



In this Wellbeing Program you will have the opportunity to reflect on the following questions:

  • How can I nurture my everyday wellbeing?

  • Why do I tend to be so hard on myself?

  • How can I feel more energised each day?

  • How can I invite more peace into my day?

  • How can I show up as my best self each day consistently?

  • How can I be more patient with myself and others?

  • What wellbeing tools can I implement to ensure I stay at my best?

  • How can I nurture my wellbeing each day so I can be the best mum for my children?


Investing in this Wellbeing Program will help you to reflect, priortise, nurture, and celebrate your wellbeing in 2016 so that you can boost your wellbeing and feel successful  as a mum, knowing you are giving your children the best of you. 

Join today to make 2016 a year to remember!

 Main Membership

What the Wellbeing Mum Membership includes…

  • Weekly Wellbeing Wisdom. Twenty-six inspirational emails which includes a wellbeing mantra and wellbeing action for the week (Valued @ $25)

  • A Wellbeing Check-up via my Wellbeing Reflection Tool, exploring your wellbeing in all 5 Wellbeing Dimensions (valued @$140)

  • Three 45 minute wellbeing coaching sessions via phone or Skype (valued @$399)

  • Unlimited email access to Rhiannon throughout the Wellbeing Program from January to June (value priceless)

    Total value - well over $600


Your investment $298



  • Role Models
  • Forgiveness
  • Authentic Self
  • Dear Mum,
  • Ripple Effect
  • Me Too
  • Wellbeing Ripple Effect
...because every woman is AMAZING & ADORABLE
when she embraces her beautiful AUTHENTIC self
and lets it shine brightly out into the world - everyday!

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