FIVE WELLBEING ACTIONS TO HELP YOU BE MORE PRESENT EVERYDAY. Below are some simple actions to help elevate your presence during the busyness of everyday life.
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In this busy, rush-rush world it can be challenging to slow down and savour the everyday moments. Below are 5 easy-to-implement tips to help bring more calm and presence into your daily life.



Reducing the excess noise and stimulation surrounding you can be a brilliant way to centre yourself and restore that present feeling. Having too many distractions at any one time can feel overwhelming, stress-inducing and wellbeing diminishing!


At every opportunity, choose to turn off the radio, shut down the computer, switch off the TV and place your phone on silent. These simple actions help you to focus your attention in the now and assist you in engaging with those around you in a more deep and meaningful way.



When you have the opportunity, leave your phone in the car or at home. Yes, mobile phones are wonderful for so many reasons, however we can become a slave to them. By separating yourself from your phones for 5-10 minutes each day, you loosen the grip they have on you and regain some of your presence power.

For example; when you are going to the park, buying some milk, picking up your child from school, visiting a friend – choose to leave your phone at home or in the car. If you miss a call, see it as an opportunity to call back at a time that suits you. Having your phone out of sight also eliminates the temptation to check your phone whilst in a queue or whilst watching your child play at the park…therefore ensuring you have created (and prioritised) presence for a part of your day.




Choose to be an engaged listener who responds rather than reacts. Often our first inclination when engaging with another, is to jump in with our advice, a correction, a critique, an opinion or the sharing of a similar experience…many times without the other person even finishing.


Engaged listening is a wellbeing action and being a present listener is one of the greatest gifts you can give to another. Your wellbeing tends to thrive when you feel you have been heard and this is no different for almost every human being. You don’t even have to agree with what is being said but you can choose to be present and listen.


Listening is an especially powerful tool with those that are closest to us. Our partner and children’s wellbeing soar when they feel listened to without judgement or agenda. It cultivates a deeper connection and helps relationships to flourish.



Begin your day with an intention about how you want to feel. Doing this is an easy way to positively set the tone for your day and the morning is the perfect time to do so.


Whether your intention is to be happy, calm, productive, energetic, loving, confident or enthusiastic…merely taking the time to set an intention (designing your day in advance) means that you’re practising presence. You have consciously paused and reflected on how you would like to feel – it’s a simple yet powerful action. This foundation gives you a beautiful reference point for you to use and check in on throughout the day.


Each time you remember to check in to see how you are feeling – you are practising presence. The more you are aware of how you feel throughout your day, the more likely you will feel your desired feeling because you are focusing your attention there. By doing this consistently you teach yourself to be more present and in alignment with how you really wish to feel everyday.



Decide to go a little slower. Making this decision is hugely wellbeing boosting. In this rush-rush world, you often fly from here to there without actually being (present) anywhere at any given time.

Slow down and savour the journey. When you catch yourself in ‘rush-rush’ mode choose to slow down. Walk a little slower, talk a little slower, drive a little slower…and so on. Slowing down won’t diminish your productivity, in fact, it is likely to increase it as well as boost the enjoyment of what you are doing at the same time.

Slowing down enables you to think more clearly and to be honest you can’t put a price on clarity. Slowing down reduces overwhelm and helps you to manage the chaos that can creep into the day.


Each time you leave your phone in the car, turn off the radio, listen intently, set your intention and slow down, you are practising presence. Remember to celebrate this every single time you do so because each time makes a difference. In no time, you will become a ‘present’ expert…which not only helps your wellbeing to thrive but all those around you too!

I'd love to hear which tip is your favourite. Please let me know in the comments below.

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