My top 10 wellbeing tips for severely sleep deprived mums

Over the past seven years, I've been blessed to bring two beautiful children into the world. One of the biggest challenges on my motherhood journey has been managing sleep deprivation...& I'm sure many of you can relate. Here are my top 10 tips for nurturing your everyday wellbeing when you're exhausted.
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This wellbeing action was huge in helping me successfully manage my sleep deprivation. Banishing all critical self-talk was instrumental in thriving not just surviving when tired. If you catch yourself beginning a sentence with, ‘I should, I can't, I don't, I'm not,’ replace it with - I’m doing the best I can… because you are!



Yes, believe it or not the washing can wait (especially on the days that you literally struggle to get out of bed). It will still be there tomorrow and it can be done then! Remember you're a mum not a maid!  :) You and your baby are the priority not the washing. When you are already tired, wasting extra energy on ‘getting the washing done’ (or thinking about it) is not an effective use of energy – your baby comes first and the washing can wait! (My husband found this difficult to understand some days, especially if he couldn’t find clean socks but I had to gently remind him that the washing wasn’t the priority!)



Coffee was my saviour during my years of sleep deprivation (I know it is not the healthiest of drinks) but I did really enjoy a cup each day. It was my mini wellbeing boost, my daily indulgence
… so, if you enjoy a latte – go for it I say. It’s okay to treat yourself a little when you are finding it hard to think straight!


Choose not to go to every party, play date, catch up that you are invited to. Decide to ‘lay low’ instead. Scheduling less was a key wellbeing tool in managing my wellbeing during the super challenging times. By saying no to all non-essential activities, you have more energy for you and your baby.


Say yes to help, support or any offers of assistance. Being open to and accepting kind offers will do wonders for your energy,
mindset and time which all make a huge difference to your everyday wellbeing. Ditch the wonder woman mentality. Each helping hand makes a difference and is a great way to stay sane when a decent sleep has been few and far between.



Yes, it really does pass and even though it may feel like it’s not going to – it will. For me, knowing this during my second round of severe sleep deprivation with my youngest child, helped a lot! It provided extra comfort during the many times I would be up each night (sometimes for long periods) for many months on end. So know it will pass and that you are not alone.



Drinking lots of water is essential. I loved squeezing a little lemon juice into my glasses of water. I also made a conscious effort to eat really well during that time. Although it was tempting to consume sugar (and occasionally I did) I knew I had control over what I put into my body. I decided to nourish myself as best I could (coffee was my treat) so that I stayed well for myself and for my gorgeous little ones.



Spend three minutes each morning setting up your day. Create your daily ‘Positive Action Plan’ (aka PAP). Your PAP involves reflecting on the following three questions – How do I want to feel today? (Intention) What am I grateful for? (Gratitude) What are my top three priorities? (Prioritise) YOU and your baby are the top two priorities and you can choose one more.



Surround yourself (and your home) with beautiful smells, sights and sounds that you love. Have your favourite song ready to play when you need an instant wellbeing boost. Download an inspiring audiobook and spend a few minutes listening to it each day. Wear something bright even though you may not feel like it. Reach out and connect with like-minded, positive mums that enjoy having refreshingly honest conversations about all things motherhood – they are out there. I know this for sure because I connect with hundreds of these amazing mums in The Wellbeing Web community.



Forgive yourself every day for everything and anything you feel wasn’t wonderful. Let it go – if you don’t it will drag you down. Sleep deprived mums need every ounce of energy to be focussed in the present moment – not on what we did or didn’t do earlier that day! Many women believe they have to be a perfect mum. If this is you, forgive this thought and review tip number 1 – give yourself a break! You are doing an amazing job – sleep deprivation and all. You are doing the best you can and I admire you for leaping into the land of motherhood because what a brilliant adventure it is.

If you liked this blog and feel it may help some of your sleep-deprived mumma friends please share it. A mum’s wellbeing is essential and is extra challenging to maintain during severe sleep deprivation. I’m grateful that the fog has started to lift after 5 years but without my daily wellbeing practices I’m not sure where I would have ended up. Mum’s change the world and I feel so privileged to be with you on this wellbeing journey.

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