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Michelle is an amazing woman and a wonderful self-love mentor. She is the founder of Sacred Self & a 'true-blue' self-love expert. Michelle really walks her talk and I know you will absolutely love reading her responses.
michelle marie mcgrath

1.      What are you most passionate about?


I am passionate about learning to love all parts of me, not just the bits I like. If I be very present in this way with myself, then I will be able to be present with everyone else.  In turn, I love reminding women that all the love and acceptance they are seeking is within themselves.  We are all the same in that we just want to love and be loved, but how often do we withhold love from ourselves? Yet we feel upset when we believe that someone else is rejecting us.  It’s a great cosmic joke in that we receive so much love externally once we realise love is an inside job.  I aim to create self-love reminders in all I do, in my product range, writing and mentoring.  I believe when we empower ourselves in this way and allow the love inside us to overflow, then miracles happen.


2.      Who or what inspires you?


I’m inspired every day by the amazing people in my life. Truly I feel very grateful to be connected to so many empowered, wonderful women (and men) who are making a difference in the world by living their truth and serving others.

People who face incredible challenges against all odds and then use it as fuel and go on to wonderful things.  I love hearing stories of people who have overcome illnesses like cancer for example, transform their lives and then motivate others.  Paralympians are also incredibly inspiring people and it’s amazing to see what people can achieve when they put their heart and soul into their goals. It just shows that nothing is impossible because the human spirit is so resilient and most barriers only exist in our minds. 



3.      How do you nurture your wellbeing every day?


I spend 10 minutes each morning, focusing on my breathing and bring my awareness into my heart. I ask myself “what do I most need from me?”.  When we repeatedly foster this relationship with our heart, our inner wisdom becomes increasingly clearer. I’ve learnt to listen to this more than what’s going on externally.  I’m also currently doing dry body brushing each morning for 5-10 minutes whilst listening to an uplifting song or sacred mantra.  It’s a brilliant way to start the day by stimulating your nervous, lymphatic and immune systems. It wakes me up and I feel energized immediately. Perfect also when you’ve had a night of interrupted sleep or are feeling sluggish.

I find meditation, hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and affirmations helpful and incorporate all of these into my daily routine.  I created my own Self-love cards a few years ago. These serve as a positive focus for the day and it’s great to pull one out first thing in the morning and place on your desk, mirror or somewhere else visible. It’s also helpful when you’re having a bad day and you know that your thoughts are getting totally out of proportion to interrupt that mental loop.  For example “I choose not to compare myself with others. I am me and I will embrace the fullness of who I am.” I also love to relax in the bath.



4.      What is the one action you would like to add to your daily routine? Something that you believe would make a positive difference to how you feel each day but are not currently doing.


Brilliant question and something that I’ve been pondering recently.  I want to be more physically active and find something that I enjoy. However, I’m not a fan of anything where I’m stuck inside and I don’t like gyms.  I walk everywhere and have been thinking about how I could do something more like a regular hiking club locally.  One of my all-time favourite holidays was when I went trekking in the Nepalese Himalayas and so I’ve been thinking about doing something else similar. I need to be outside in the fresh air or I just feel hemmed in.



5.      Fast forward to age 90. Imagine you are sitting in a rocking chair, reflecting on your life. In a few sentences, what would you like to be able to write about the way you lived your life?


I’m happy to have been here at this transformational time on our planet and would like to look back and feel I’ve been part of the self-love movement and rise of the sacred feminine.  I would love to be a valuable part of something much greater than myself that has helped to instil positive self-esteem in young women.  To know that I have touched someone’s life in a positive way by expressing myself creatively with my message of self-love. That is truly fulfilling to me, whilst being surrounded by loved ones, living in peace and harmony with the environment.


Short bio

Michelle Marie McGrath is a Lovepreneur & Self-love Mentor.  She creates Sacred Self’s organic Self-love range of Alchemical oilsbespoke Sacred Scents and popular self-love cards. She’s the co-author of “Love and Oneness” in the best-selling Adventures In Manifesting series and author of "7 ways to love yourself" ebook.  Michelle is passionate about falling in love with ALL parts of herself, and creating products that remind others to 
do the same.

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